The Real Cost of a Home Addition

An Abode is a large investment that involves financials, emotions, and mental power to bite the bullet. Whenever you make a large investment everyone’s first step is to look at the return on investment, advantages, and disadvantages. So, we have weighed the pros and cons to show you the real cost, financially and mentally, of adding a new space to your home.

Are you the type of person that likes to get the bad over before the good? Us too. Let’s start with the potential disadvantages of the a new addition to your home, the Abode. First, whenever you make an investment the lingering thought is always “what if I don’t get a return on investment.” A lot of people are terrified of the fact that higher resale is not guaranteed, which is traditionally true – however, there are ways in which this risk can be mitigated. For example, you are investing in an addition that can serve many individuals different wants and needs increasing your buyer pool; from a home office, to an art studio, and of course a home gym. With changing ways of working and square footage becoming increasingly valuable – The Abode is the best form of a home addition that one can make.

The second disadvantage is that you are using up property space. The third is that building an addition can be emotionally taxing. In the first few days of building your addition, it’s thrilling as you cannot wait for your new space to be ready, but after a few days of work you start to experience the chaos of construction workers, noise and mess. Great news is the Abode is ready in less than 8 weeks from the time of order, and only approximately 1 week on site… SIGNIFICANTLY LESS than the average home addition.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – what are the advantages of a new addition to your home. The first advantage is that it’s your space, personalized how you wish in your own environment. Second, when you look at the many ways in which you can add space to your house for your home office or gym, no other space-creating method matches the Abode in terms of financial and emotional value. The third and most important advantage is the return on investment an Abode can provide. With square footage being increasingly harder to come across and of higher value, an Abode can pay for itself by the time you sell your property.

The great news is that most of the disadvantages listed are within one’s control, there are various things you can do to combat and minimize the likelihood of these disadvantages occurring. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, the potential return on investment along with your mental sanity are winners when making the decision to purchase an Abode.

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