The Best WFH Furniture

“I’ll be back to the office in no time – the dining room table will suffice!” *Three years later…* I bet by now you appreciate and recognize the importance of investing in good home office furniture to set yourself up for success. So, we compiled a list of work from home must-haves so you don’t have to!

Here is everything you need to work from home, as told by people who do it every day… To start, you will need a dedicated workspace (a.k.a an Abode). In the Abode, the most important piece of your office will be your desk. The best investment you can make is on a standing desk. Why? Some of the benefits of a standing desk include burning more calories, energy bursts, posture improvement, reduced back pain, circulation, and an increase in mood and focus.

The second core piece of a home office is your chair! Your body will forever dislike you if you don’t invest in a proper ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are the best type of home office chair because they help ease lower back pain, give support to your spine, keep your joints in a neutral position and alleviate neck and shoulder pains.

Now that you have the two key pieces of your home office the rest are luxury add-ons. Ranging from table lamps to decor to a rug, after you have your desk and chair it’s all about customizing your office to make it YOURS.

Check out the gallery of Abodes to get some inspiration!

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