Security and Privacy While Working From Home

When COVID first hit the biggest question for individuals in professional occupations was ‘how can I maintain privacy standards while working from home?’ This question was of great concern for doctors, psychologists, government workers, and others whose daily job involves confidential and sensitive information.

However, a family member overhearing one’s conversation wasn’t the only concern… computer security, cybersecurity, and information technology security were all of concern. This blog post dives into the work from the home era, concerns of security and privacy, and how The Abode is the best solution to combat security and privacy while working from home.

The number one way to combat privacy and security while working from home is to provide your employees with the right tools. These tools could be strong passwords that are regularly changed, two-factor authentications, VPNs, firewalls, antivirus software, regular software updates, encrypted communication, and more. Although these tools are great ways to combat privacy and security, they do not tackle the potential breakthroughs caused by thin walls and family members within the same vicinity.

That’s where we come in… The Abode. The Abode is a personal office space steps away from your home that provides the complete silence and privacy required to perform your sensitive job. It’s more important now than ever to take a step back, look at the shifts in ways of working and ask yourself if you have the security and privacy required to perform your job at your best.

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