Yes – It’s True! You Can Have a 30 Second Commute

The honest truth is, change can be daunting. When you have been keeping up a consistent routine for several years, it can start to feel comfortable.

Sometimes, too comfortable.

Before the pandemic, many of us were in the habit of waking up early and running out the front door with breakfast in hand, hoping to avoid the intense rush hour.

But those times have changed.

Nowadays, the vast majority of us are working from home and the possibilities of working anywhere seem endless. The sky’s the limit.

The only hindrance, not all of us have a dedicated space in our homes which we can claim as our own.

Especially when you live in a full house, it’s not uncommon for the kitchen island or dining room table to become your new makeshift office space.

Granted, working in the kitchen is not necessarily inadequate. However, rooms with an increasing amount of noise can be quite disrupting to your workflow.

After all, your ideal working space may not include your child blending a smoothie or talking on the phone while you diligently work on your important proposal.

We all have our own individual focus styles. Some people may work better in the thick of the action, with background noises and light chatter. While others need complete and total silence.

We all have those moments when we crave some peace and quiet. Needing our own personal oasis to unwind after a strenuous day.

You may think to yourself, “That sounds incredible – in theory. But where could I possibly go?”

We are so glad you asked.

Introducing the Abode

Whether you need a place to workout, meditate, study, create or play, the Abode has you covered.

And the best part is, it can be assembled in your very own backyard.

Your former 30-minute commute can officially become a 30-second commute. Doesn’t get much better than that?

Abode units are 108 sqft and take up minimal backyard space.

When it comes to the decor, there are no rules. You can personalize the inside, in any style you see fit.

Been wanting to finally get that bean bag chair you have been eyeing for months? Now is the perfect time.

It’s no secret that our environment can significantly impact our thoughts and emotions.

And it can get tedious, staring at the same 4 walls day in and day out.

You no longer need a tankful of gas or a pricey bus ticket to get a change of scenery. The Abode does all that and more.

A couple of steps away from home can make all the difference. Everyone needs a place to escape to sometimes. Let Abode be that place for you.

Your Space, Steps Away.

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