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The Abode units are 108 sqft (9’x12’). The units themselves require very little space in your backyard or property making them the ideal option for that underutilized part of your yard. You have the space, why not use it.

Our goal is to deliver each Abode within 30 days from order date. However, based on the add-ons selected, customization, and geographic areas there may be some adjustments necessary to that timeline.

Abodes are the perfect complement to your existing cottage property OR can be the perfect getaway for your wilderness retreat complete with our Off the Grid Solar option.

We get it, you love what you designed and created within your very own Abode space, and cannot imagine a day without it, but now you are moving. Your Abode has been designed to have a low environmental impact, and by using SIP modular construction, we would love to help you move it to another location …


 You can configure your Abode to include an HVAC system for year-round enjoyment. Every unit will be connected to your home’s electrical panel unless you select the Off the Grid Solar option.

We offer a complete Off the Grid Solar option for those who choose to further reduce their carbon footprint.


Your Abode is designed to be completely assembled and ready in about 4 days, depending on Smart Upgrades selected.

At 108 square feet, your Abode is designed to meet most municipal bylaws, so no permit is required.

Should your local municipality require a permit, we will support your Abode build for a nominal additional charge.

Your Abode is designed to be placed on a Helical Pile System that has a low environmental impact. The Abode can be adapted to other foundation systems if required.

Your Abode comes standard with many lifestyle finishes as well as many add-on features that you can select to truly make this your space.

The Abode offers a wide variety of standard features and add-ons. Discussions with your Project Manager will help identify what options fit your space best.


Your turn-key Abode models range from the mid $40k to mid $70k based on the components you select, and how you would like to configure your own space. The price also varies if you are a DIY-er.


Your Abode comes with a comprehensive 1 year warranty on workmanship and material defects. Additional manufacturer warranties will apply to components such as windows, doors, flooring and roofing.

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We partner with trusted Financial Institutes to offer simple financing options.

The Abode team collaborates with a team of experts who help to ensure a top-quality experience with your space, including CloudNine, Control 4, Lutron, Royal Building Supplies, SMB Master, MB Architects, MadeRite, VNR Photography, Studiointhe6ix, and Key Communications.

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