The Create Abode

Your space. Steps away.


Create Space

Be inspired in your own space. With lots of natural light, your Abode can be whatever you want it to be. Space for thinking, reading, painting, building, creating. It’s up to you. Step in. Then step away


Unique, Usable, Personalized Space

To focus, think, learn, enjoy.

While many Canadians have appreciated the benefits of more time at home, the past year has also challenged us…

“I know way more about what my spouse does at work now. Much more than I need to know!”

“Even with headphones it’s tough to concentrate with everything else going on around me”

“In a strange way, I miss my commute. It gave me a definitive start and end to my day. Time to prepare and time to wind down.”

“Sometimes I just need my own space. To study, work out, get creative, or just be.”

Minimize the negatives and maximize the positives of being (close to!) home.

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