Simple. Seamless. Solution. Studio. Experience.

Your space. Steps away.

Quick. Easy. No Permit Required.

Abode - a·bode; /əˈbōd/ noun - the name itself is a place you live.

Now, redefined to reflect a space you work. meditate. create. study. play. workout.

Steps away can make all the difference.

Create a clearly defined, flexible-use space in your own backyard.

Avoid distractions and interruptions. Increase productivity and well-being.

Your space. Steps away.

Why We Do What We Do

Abode provides a seamless experience – from order to installation, of versatile and functional spaces that help you achieve your goals.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision is to provide you with a better everyday life, and a product that can evolve with you.  An Abode provides space to achieve anything you can imagine.

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What's your Abode?

Work. Study. Create. Work Out. Meditate. Play.

Key Benefits

Why move, add-on, or renovate when you could build your own custom Abode instead.


Abode is an all-in-one solution that is installed for you in a matter of weeks. No permits and no contractors or messy construction.


Finding the space for the things you need and love to do is a challenge. The Abode design is fully customizable to provide you with the space and functionality that you need.


We create new possibilities steps away, making your dreams a reality.


Modern Quality

Abode’s are rapid-built on-site.  Our modular fitted system ensures minimal interruption to your daily routines. The Abode is backed by a One-Year  comprehensive warranty. We work with top vendors in the industry to provide you with a top quality product. 

Premium Features

Linear LED Lighting provides that modern atmosphere.

Full insulation, and available HVAC provide efficient All-Season comfort.

A Flex-Space that actually increases your home’s value, not just your productivity.

colour of led rigid strip lighht : One line led light on blue
3D rendering of a modern villa with pool controlled by a smartphone from the outside

Upgrade Packages

Complete your Abode with full technology options; and connect it to your existing Smart Home System.

Off-grid Solar options available for your space off the beaten path.


The Abode Advantage


Use your space your way.

30-Day Simplicity

At 108 sq.ft, No Permits Required*. Delivered in 30 days.

Designed with Purpose

All-Season Comfort

Contemporary Construction

Modular system ensures minimal interruption to your daily routines.

Decide to Stay

Increase your property value without renovating. Love your space!

Project Professionalism

Instant Professional credibility for your daily (work) life.


Tiered technology options available; connect your Abode to your existing Smart Home.

Quality Delivered

Peace of mind through our comprehensive All-In Warranty.

Our Latest Works

"I am so fortunate to have the luxury of owning the very first Abode and it has been literally life changing! This space has increased my productivity and creativity and benefited my whole family. No longer are my husband and I “time-sharing” our in-home office, tripping over each other and constantly feeling like our space isn’t our own.

When it comes to working from home with young kids, forget it! The peace my Abode has given me to work uninterrupted, intentionally, professionally and privately is something my home office never provided me.
If you work from home (and who doesn’t these days!) an investment in an Abode pays off in so many ways.

Thank you for giving me a space I can’t live without! "

Stacey M.


Unique, Usable, Personalized Space

To focus, think, learn, enjoy.

While many Canadians have appreciated the benefits of more time at home, the past year has also challenged us…

“I know way more about what my spouse does at work now. Much more than I need to know!”

“Even with headphones it’s tough to concentrate with everything else going on around me”

“In a strange way, I miss my commute. It gave me a definitive start and end to my day. Time to prepare and time to wind down.”

“Sometimes I just need my own space. To study, work out, get creative, or just be.”

Minimize the negatives and maximize the positives of being (close to!) home.

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